Sony Pictures Cancels The Release Of “The Interview”

sethEven with Sony Pictures exec Amy Pascal saying she would not let groups dictate whether or not they put out a film, it seems Sony has decided to cancel “The Interview” from its Dec. 25th release date following hackers threatening 9/11 style attacks and top theaters pulling out of screening the movie. Continue reading

Pilar Sanders Sentenced To A Week In Jail For Violating Custody Agreement

pilarsandersIf you’ve been keeping up with the battle between Deion and Pilar Sanders, you know that this has been one of the messiest break ups in the Sports Entertainment industry. From slandering one another in the media to the on going child custody battle, their issues continue to play out publicly and it looks like things haven’t slowed down at all. Continue reading

[Sports Timeout] Kobe Bryant Surpasses Michael Jordan’s Record In Scoring

 *Kanye voice* Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player of ALL TIME! The end.

Ok, my bias is showing lol. But seriously, Kobe was forever in Jordan’s shadow as many debated back and forth on whose greatness outweighed the other. They are both phenomenal in their own rights; no further comparisons or constant debates needed guys. Continue reading